Secret Project 1

Author: Miinalee


Moans echoed in the wide luxurious room.

A boy wearing a white military suit was lying on the hard wooden table on his face and chest. Saliva trailed down from his parted lips to the table as he breathes heavily. His face’s red and his eyes shut tightly. One of his hands was gripping on the edge of the table and the other was gripped into a fist until his knuckles went white. His white pants were down low near his knees.

Another man was on his back, wearing a different formal deep green-colored suit with several badges of recognition patched on his chest and shoulders. His black-gloved hands are holding the boy’s waist still, close to his body as their skin touched each other. His belt and pants are slightly undone just near his waist as his cock is deep inside the boy. The black-haired man grunted in pleasure as he moved his waist back and forth. “Nnh… You feel good, Jungkook.”

“AAHH!” A startled cry escaped the boy’s lips as the older man slammed hard suddenly—hitting his bundle of nerves in his body which made his legs weak. Jungkook could feel the heat from the other man on his back as he rutted desperately into his hole, breathing and kissing on Jungkook ’s right ear.

Why did this happen to him?

All he knew was he was heading to the General’s office for special recognition and assignment for being the best military academy graduate of the year, only to find there was just The General alone in the room. No other people. And nothing like he thought it would be—no celebration, no formal speech, no certificates. It’s as if the General itself is the recognition!

He remembered the General told him to come in after he knocked on the door. Jungkook was all nervous, smiling as he came into the room. The General smiled back gorgeously. The handsome man whom Jungkook could only see from afar for years—giving a speech to the student or military soldiers before—was right in front of him. The East General, Lee Dongwook. He’s even more gorgeous and good-looking this close it made Jungkook blushed a little.

“Yes, Jungkookie. As recognition of your splendid performance and achievement for being the best graduate this year, you’ll be assigned as this Lee Dongwook’s mate.” the man explained with a wide smile.

Then in a blink of an eye, the man was trying to get in his pants—right away.

The innocent boy was shocked at the sudden approach.





He tried to fight back first and slapping away the man’s hands, keeping some distances—only to anger the Dongwook so.

“How dare you deny such an honor? Do I not satisfy you? Answer me, private Jungkook !”

“N-no Sir! I mean nothing like that.” Jungkook stammered, answering while being confused with this situation.

“Then stay right there and let me have you!” Hissed the man displeased.

“A-AHHH!!” Jungkook ’s whole body tensed up and shaking as the thick cock made his way into his body once again, forcefully. He came on his white pants and floor, letting out a startled cry. His body still found his climax although he didn’t want this.

“Yess, baby. Just let it out. It’s okay.” Whispered the man on his ear, still pounding into Jungkook ’s body without stopping.

He could feel his balls tightened. He’s close. The older man leaned down on Jungkook ’s back, hugging close the lithe body with his strong arm, thrusting in and out the weakened boy deeper. Jungkook whimpered on his embrace.

Just a bit more until he climaxed when the door was kicked open suddenly. Jungkook opened his eyes wide, half hoping someone will save him, but half was afraid that he’s caught in such an embarrassing situation.

“Shit…” Cursed the General on Jungkook ’s ears.

A taller, bigger man appeared in the doorway. His eyes were widened at the scene.

“What do you think you’re doing, Lee?!” The man asked furiously.

“Ge-General Dechlan!” the boy whimpered in Dongwook’s embrace. His eyes were asking for help as the other man walked closer to them.

Arthur Dechlan, The West General, arrived at the room and was greeted with such displeasing scene. He stopped in front of Jungkook, eyeing the boy up and down, which made the boy’s face red in shame.

“Let him go,” Arthur commanded as he pulled Jungkook ’s arm to his direction. However, Dongwook refused to release his embrace on the boy’s body.

“No. You let go. He’s mine now.”

“You played dirty, Lee.” Arthur narrowed his eyes.

“All is fair in love and war, Dechlan.” The East General almost sang the quote before starting to move his waist again, making the boy gasped from the unwanted pleasure.

Jungkook covered his mouth at Arthur’s sharp look to his face. He wanted to cry from the shame, but he won’t. He’s raised as a soldier and he was taught not to cry. Arthur put his thumb on Jungkook ’s chin.

“Look, Lee. He doesn’t even look like he enjoys this.”

“He’s just shy with an audience, Dechlan. Now, will you please go out? I have an unfinished business here. Nhh…” Dongwook grunted a little as Jungkook ’s inner muscle squeezed him tighter. Sweat rolled down his neck.

Arthur smirked. “Oh no, you won’t get rid of me that easily.”

Both Dongwook and Jungkook were panicked when they saw Arthur closed the gap between his body and Jungkook. The boy’s eyes widened in disbelief when the space on their face was reduced to nothing—The West General is kissing him!

Jungkook was shocked at the strange sensation of having someone’s tongue inside his mouth. Yes, Lee Dongwook hasn’t kissed him yet. However, the point is… Why is The West General kissing him?! Jungkook wanted to speak, to breathe, but another gloved arm was holding behind his head, deepened the kiss.

“Damn, ARTHUR! I marked him, he’s mine! Wait! No-No-No-You won’t—”

The boy was whimpering in the man’s mouth when he heard Dongwook cursed. He seemed to be panic about something. Jungkook ’s left leg was lifted, and then he felt something wet stretching on his hole, forcing it to get wider. Jungkook opened his eyes in panic. It hurts! He wanted to scream but the other man’s mouth prevents him. Tears were gathering in his eyes now as that thing continued to penetrate him.


Jungkook screamed on the kiss, biting the General’s lip. He’s crying now, sobbing uncontrollably from the pain of tearing down there, scratching on the man’s clothed back. Instead of getting angry, Arthur licked his bleeding lip and soothed him—rubbing his head gently to his neck and whispering, “Shhh… it’s okay. Just relax your muscle, Jeon.”

“Are you nuts?! He’s—he was a virgin just a moment ago! He couldn’t handle both of us!”

Dongwook was staring at him in disbelief. He even rubbed Jungkook ’s chest to calm him down. Their faces were right in front of each other now, with both of them crushing Jungkook ’s body to each other. Arthur only smirked.

“You made me do this.”

“You sick bastard! Get your dick out! It’s disgusting having our dicks touch each other!” Dongwook hissed angrily.

“I will. After I’m done.” Arthur moved his waist which made Jungkook tensed up again and cry out.

“Unhh! Ge-General, please s-stophhgnn—” He begged between sobs.

Arthur leaned back to stare at the poor boy’s face with fake sadness. “Sshh… Birdie. It will be fine. Just breathe, don’t tense up like that. Okay? Be a good boy.” The General caressed his hair again.

The man he thought would be his savior turned out to be a demon and made things worse.

Both men flinched and knew it’s uncomfortable for the three of them. Jungkook ’s too tight and they’re too big. They’re killing the boy.

“So you haven’t marked him yet.” Stated Arthur mockingly at the other man.

Jungkook ’s inside would be slicker and wet if Dongwook had cummed in him.

“I was about to. You had perfect timing there showing your face and ruining my mood.” Dongwook snarled.

“You’re out of mood? Get out then.” The West General turned his head to show where the exit was.

“Can’t you feel my lively dick down there? I started this business so you’re the one who should get out.” Now the men started to argue between Jungkook.

“Oh, I thought it was your finger. Sorry.”

Both men stared at each other in competence before thrusting in and out Jungkook in turns.

“Ah-Ah! Ahnn!”

Jungkook could swear he’s torn. No pleasure at all. He tried to relax to make it less hurt but already useless with his torn passage. He grabbed onto the man in front of him desperately as they tortured him. This is the worst thing that could’ve ever happened in his life. It felt as if they’re putting a large beer bottle into his hole—so dry and agonizing. They didn’t have any lube with them.

Dongwook kissed his neck and nape hungrily while Arthur kissed and licked his tears, before going to his mouth again—helping him to run out of breath faster, having no fear to get bitten again.

Jungkook was choked in his tears as they kept penetrating his hole mercilessly. He didn’t know how many minutes have passed when they finally shot their load inside him. Jungkook passed out on Arthur’s broad chest.

Little did he hear they argue before completely unconscious.

“You idiot! Now we can’t figure out whose baby it’ll be!”

“Don’t worry. Of course, it’ll be mine.”

“Shut up! It’s mine! He’s mine!”





The boy was pulled to consciousness roughly, feeling sharp pain down there. Jungkook shook on the bed as if his wandering soul fell back to his body.

“He’s awake.” He heard a man’s voice when he’s trying to open his eyes slowly. There’s a light in front of him, blinding him.

“The anesthetic must have run out. Hold him.” The boy felt someone’s hands holding down his shoulders.

“Aa-aaa-Ouchhh!!” This time the pain slapped him sober.

“Hold still, boy.” Said a male nurse wearing a white robe and white mask who holding his shoulders firmly.

Jungkook was confused. What is happening and where is he?

He opened his mouth before biting his lips to keep silent as some wet cotton touched his anus. He had just realized that he’s lying on the clinic bed with legs folded up and spread away—showing his most private area to two female nurses.

“Oh my god.” He whispered to his shame, pain comes second.

“There, it’s done. It stings a lot but this lotion will heal you in no time. You don’t even have to worry about going to the back tomorrow morning.” The female nurse rose from the middle of his crouch to turn off the lamp while the other pulled his legs down. The male nurse also let go of his shoulders.

Jungkook sat up, realizing that he’s in-clinic clothes with no pants on. Luckily, the clothes were long enough to cover him down to his hips. He blushed but didn’t even know if hiding his private area from these nurses would mean anything by now.

“Show me your arm.” Said the male nurse as he prepared a syringe in his hand.

Jungkook hesitantly lifted his right arm to the man. “W-what’s in it?”

“Metabolism enhancer and vitamin. The military wouldn’t want to have your bed rested for long.” He wiped wet cotton that felt cold before injecting the liquid, making Jungkook frowned. But now he’s sober, he won’t cry out like earlier for pain like these.

“We’ve just stitched you. Avoid excessive activity for a few days and stay here. Someone will come to pick you up.” The male nurse explained as he finished—opening his green rubber gloves and mask, showing a straight face, then went out of the room with the others.

Jungkook ’s eyes were following them until the door’s closed. He leaned back and sighed—feeling the stitch stung on his entrance. His head throbbed a bit, but he pushed his brain to think…

The last thing he remembered is that he was in the General’s room.

He was raped by Lee Dongwook, The East General of the Country’s military power before The West General appeared and decided to join in instead of helping him out.

Jungkook ’s breath ragged, feeling angry and traumatic at the experience. He stared at his shaking fingers then formed a fist.

He had never involved in a romantic relationship before in military school. He never had a girlfriend, he never held hands, he never kissed… not to mention sex!

And he’s a guy!

He’s a male!

Just now he had checked to see if his penis’s still in his place.

What’s wrong with those Generals?

Was he being tricked?

Were the invitation and recognition faked?

He had never known the Generals he admired so much are into guys!

Jungkook shook his head and sighed. What will happen now?

It was not long until soft knocks were heard from the door. “Yes?” Answered the boy.

“How are you feeling, private Jungkook?”

A rather young man appeared into the room, wearing a white robe and glasses, followed by an older man in a suit behind.

“The worst.” Answered the young boy, making the dark brown-haired man chuckled.

“It could be worse, than the worst you’re feeling now.” Both men were standing in front of his bed now.

“My name is Hoseok. I’m assigned as your doctor while you’re here. And this man is Jung Seobin-sshi—”

“I know. He’s my headmaster.” Jungkook cut the doctor’s explanation, eyeing both men uncomfortably.

“Private Jungkook, I’m sure you don’t have any idea about what’s happening to you right now.” The old man started to talk.

“I was planning to talk about this before sending you to the Military Headquarters, everything about you that you didn’t know; on Monday, to be exact. But General Dongwook preceded me. He sent a letter on his own to get ahead of the other Generals. Here’s the real invitation.” He handed the boy a black colored envelope, almost exactly like the one he received before.

Jungkook opened the letter and read it. The actual recognition ceremony was supposed to be held on this Friday, not today. “Right now, General Lee might be in trouble for doing this. I heard that General Dechlan reported him to the minister.”

The boy only stared at the letter silently; losing interest in the recognition.

“Jungkook. 19 years old. Enrolled in the military academy since 6 years old. Showing a brilliant talent in the military for knowledge, investigation, analytical and hypothesis related. Known for his agility and accuracy, but not the best when it comes to activities that need power and endurance. Graduate with the best mark two years earlier than the normal academy period.”

The said person finally rolled his eyes up, looking at the doctor who’s reading some papers in his hand. Doctor Hoseok rubbed his chin; thinking. “The thing is that you’re special, Jungkook ie.”

Jungkook only blinked; showing no interest in the flattery.

“Literally, Jungkook-ie.” Added the doctor.

“Jungkook, you’re not an ordinary orphan registered to the military academy. You’re one of the special babies born under the Government Secret Project—of the third gender. We call it ‘beta’.”

The boy frowned. “Beta? Don’t tell me it’s the third gender acknowledgment transvestites were fighting about.”

Hoseok couldn’t help but let out a laugh, staring at the boy like… ‘Seriously?!’

The old man however kept calm and continued.

“Most of your kind are out there, still oblivious of the fact that they’re beta. The government will always keep an eye on them. However, not all beta will have the honor to be brought back to The Government—only those worthy of recognition. Like you.”  Seobin walked to the side of the bed and patted the boy’s shoulder.

Jungkook was thinking, trying to analyze the situation but still unable to conclude.

“When a beta receives recognition, he’ll save his life forever. The government will guarantee your life forever. The beta and their family will receive a large sum of money every month, health, and life insurance. They’ll be treated like a prince, or princess, in the facility. The beta will be assigned to different government facilities each time, in turn. This time, you… almost like a coincidence, is assigned for the military facility.”

“Then? What does this beta give in return? Simply just being a good public servant?” Jungkook rolled his eyes everywhere; having a feeling that he might not like where this is going.

Hoseok smiled as he’s facing the window. “Hmmm… He’s clever alright.”

The old man looked away before staring back at the boy’s eyes. “Beta will be a companion for an important person in the assigned facility.”

“Or people.” The doctor added.

“Hoseok-sshi!” The old man snapped.

Jungkook turned his head to both men in shock. His breath was heavy from anger. “You’re telling me that I’ll be a m-m-manwhore?!”

“Err… It’ll sound better if you say… Wife? Princess? No. Mate?” The doctor tried to crack a joke seeing the boy’s interesting reaction. Where did he learn that word anyway?

“Calm down, Private Jungkook. You won’t be treated like such. You’ll have a special position that you can even meet the minister by yourself.”

Jungkook shook his head in confusion. “B-but WHY? What’s the purpose? There are a lot of women out there! Why must the beta?”

The brown-haired man stepped closer. “You’ve learned about hereditary? Well, it’s okay if you don’t. You’re from a military academy anyway. Do you know that children inherit their intelligence solely from their mother? Father’s DNA will only affect other traits that will also be combined with the mothers, such as look, power, talent, attitude…” He glanced at the terrified boy before continuing.

“Nowadays, the Government sees people as their asset. Valuable asset. Take the Generals as an example. They selected the best four from all military soldiers in the whole country. The country owes these guys a lot for their leadership and skill. You know the world is going at another war period now—soon. They want to multiple these kinds of guys with the best genes. That’s why they prepared The Secret Project—Project Beta from long ago.”

Jungkook got it… He got what Hoseok was trying to say but—

“In short, a recognized beta is the best person to be the mother.” Seobin stopped Hoseok’s long explanation. The doctor rolled his eyes and shut his mouth after being spoiled. He wanted to be the one who spills it out.

“But I’m a man—!”

“A Beta.” Cut Hoseok almost instantly.

“You’re special because Beta has a uterus in their system, thus allow them to bear children.”

“He-hermaphrodite?” Jungkook asked unsurely.

“Uh, not quite right… but technically, yes, with some differences. You can’t make yourself pregnant with your own semen. Only others can do that to you.”

“I’m sorry with all the sudden information, Private Jungkook. I wanted to give you time to prepare yourself, but…” The grey-haired man couldn’t finish his sentence.

“General Lee took a step ahead. He raped you, didn’t he? Oh. I mean, they. General Dechlan was there too, right? They sure did a mean thing to you. But don’t worry if you hate them, there are four Generals. You can choose the man you like the most.” Hoseok leaned down to caress the younger man’s hair.

“The decision will be on the minister but they’ll consider your Leece as a priority. But… don’t expect too much. I’m afraid he plays favorite to one of our Generals.” Jungkook slapped away his hand.


The boy was glaring at the doctor. “I don’t care about money and position! I don’t care about this or that minister! I don’t want to accept this!”

“Ssshh! Shhh! Lower your voice, kid. If the Government heard about this, your life’s over.

“They’ll kill me?!”

“At worst—yes. But mostly, not literally. If you decided to step back, they’ll make sure that no one else would hire you for work or rent their houses for you. You’ll be isolated from civilization. You either die of hunger or crawl back to their feet.”

Jungkook sighed with shuddering breath; terrified but said nothing.

“You can’t escape, Jungkook. The government owns you.”






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