Secret Project 3

Author: Miinalee


“What kind of people are they?”

“Oh? I thought you’re not interested to know about them.”

“Alright, which one do you want to know first? Lee Dongwook? You’ve probably seen him a lot before, haven’t you?” Knowing that Dongwook visited the academy actively, giving General lectures sometimes and other business.

The boy only nodded a bit. “Yes. I’ve been in his class once.”

“What do you think then?”

Jungkook shrugged. “He’s a bit… too friendly. Not what you expect of a General, but a lot of people like him.”

Hoseok chuckled. “He’s a bit dense though? Well people like him either for his good look and interesting personality or because he’s the minister’s son.”


“Lee Dongwook is son of Lee Jiwon, our minister. He’s 32 years old this year. Kinda flirty, but never serious.”

“Lee Jiwon may spoiled his son, but he’s strict nonetheless. He forbid General Lee for coming back to headquarters for three months as punishment for sending you that fake letter.”


“Arthur Dechlan, 35 years old. The oldest General and first son of Dechlan couple who own a company overseas. He should’ve succeeded his parent’s wealth and company but decided to enter the military instead. Weird. Rumor said that he liked it here better, beating people and such violence.”

“He probably wants to settle down… with you.”

“Ah?! Don’t joke around, doctor. He might just toy me to kill his time!”


“Ok Taecyeon, 29 years old. “


“Okay. Then what about the south General?”

“Kim Taehyung is the youngest. He’s 27 years old. Ah his innocence smile is the best. He’s the gentlest from the four. I’ve never really heard bad rumor about him, except during the war five years ago.”

“What bad rumor?”

“Taehyung and his team were deserted in mountain for months. No food and water supply. No animals. They ate their dead friend’s flesh to survive.”

Jungkook made a disgusted face.









“Just—Listen to me Jungkook ie! Just mention one name! Anyone out of those men, to the minister! The game’s over then!”

“I’m not planning to play a game, doctor! This is my life we’re talking about!”

“It’s not like you have other Leeces! You’d still end up spending your life in this facility—for one of them!” “You’re making this hard for a lot of people!”

“Excuse me?! You’re saying that I’M making this hard for them? I’m not the one starting the game!”





Jungkook was staring at the luxurious item in awe. Not everyone’s allowed to have this thing in their military dormitory under education—only the higher ups and staffs and teachers. They’ve only learned to use it during lessons, but never get one for personal entertainment. They’re meant to be isolated and avoid contact with people outside unless in certain times.

“T-Taehyung-sshi? Are you sure I can have this in my room?”

“Yah, just call me hyung. I assume you’d be so bored in the dormitory room all day. You know how to use it, right?”

“Well—Y-yes. But… Won’t I be breaking laws by owning this?”

“No. I’m lending you this. You won’t be in any trouble because of it.”

“Gosh… you even connected it to the internet.”

“Yes. You might want to use it to learn… anything.” Taehyung’s lips curved up just slightly on the corner.





It was nice being in the South District. They taught Jungkook a lot of things and put him in charge under one of the criminal division. There’s Namjoon-sshi, the leader of the group. There are two girls, Fei and Jia. The other two boys are Jimin and Yoongi, who probably are older by two or three years than him. All of them were friendly and accepted him open-handedly. They were delighted to have another helping hand in the group even though it was stated that Jungkook would only be there for temporary assignment. It has been a week and another normal day, or at least so Jungkook thought.

“Jia-ya, will you get me another cup of coffee?” The oldest man in the room asked in his heavy voice.

“Again? Namjoon-sshi, it’s not healthy to have more than two cups of coffee in a day!” Jia came to his desk despite warning him about his health. She took the empty cup and walked toward the pantry, crossing his team mate’s desks.

“Jia-sshi, will you get me another cup too?” Jimin showed his gummy smile, raising his cup over his head from this seat.

“Mwo… I’m not here to serve you coffee you know!” The girl pouted but still unable to resist helping her friend.

Jia walked pass Jungkook ’s desk and saw the boy’s tea cup. He hasn’t touched it from the morning at all. It’s cold already. Now that he’s looking at him, Jungkook looked a little pale. He had a frown on his forehead but still locking his eyes on the screen. “Jungkook, shall I get you another tea?”

The boy didn’t respond to her. Jia ignored Fei’s snickering from his desk, teasing her for offering the boy only. “Jungkook? Did you hear me?”

The youngest member startled to see Jia’s face behind his monitor, looking all worried. “Are you okay?”

Jungkook was staring at her in confusion before answering. “Yes… yes… I, I just…”

“…I’ll go to the restroom.” Jungkook stood abruptly, almost knocking down his wheeled chair. The other members were looking at him until he got away from their sight.

“Probably he’s been holding his poo. Pffhhttt—ouch!” Jimin got elbowed from Yoongi.

Jungkook stormed into the nearest restroom, which was fortunately empty.  Jungkook leaned down to the washstand, in front of the mirror.  He was panting with mouth opened. The nausea was getting worse and he couldn’t contain it anymore.


He vomited; nothing came out but air and saliva, but it won’t stop. His whole body shuddered from another force to vomit from inside. His stomach was spinning. Sweats rolled down from his head to his cheek.

It lasted for several minutes that felt like an hour to the boy. He was gasping for air and leaning down to the washstand for support. ‘Why would it take so much energy just to throw up?’ His legs felt unstable.

What should he do now?

He wanted to go back to the office, but he’s not sure he could concentrate.

But if he takes a sudden leave, people will get worried about him.

Jungkook decided to come back to the room. The nausea was no longer there.

‘Weird.’ He thought.

When the boy entered the room again, Jia and Jimin instantly turned their head to him.

“So? Did you poo already?” The black haired man grinned at him.

Jungkook frowned his eyebrows at Jimin’s question. “No… I probably ate something weird yesterday.”

“Oh my good, did you get upset stomach?” Jia gasped in worry.

The boy nodded hesitantly. “The pain’s gone now.”

“You should’ve just poo and it’ll be healed! But if it was caused by the food, people in the dormitory ate the same meal from canteen just like you.” No matter how dumb Jimin looked, he’s still a member of criminal investigation team.

“T-then maybe cold?” Jungkook asked unsure.

“In this summer?”

“I have low blood pressure history in my health.” Jungkook grinned awkwardly to the boy after his quick answer. Now that he thinks about it, low blood pressure and stomach ache didn’t seem to be fit together.

“Go back to your room and take a rest, if you don’t feel well.” Namjoon’s voice was heard from behind his large monitor.

“…T-thank you, Namjoon-sshi.”

Jungkook stared back at his monitor, ignoring the other two who eventually went back to their own as well in a minute. However, there’s something that bother him so much right now.

He needed to know.




The light was turned out but the boy in the room’s still wide awake.

Jungkook was staring at the laptop, wearing a grey thin jacket that revealed his collarbone and white sleeveless shirt underneath. He wore short even though this room was colder than his dormitory in academy was.



“No. No. No”

He knew people out there like him must be trying to contact other. But no…

Every site was taken down by the government.

There’s no more information about anything he is—anything about beta at all!

All the search result showed in the first page won’t be available once it’s opened!

Jungkook was breathing hard out of frustration. He grabbed his own hair with both hand, trying to think hard.







A man wearing thick hoodie entered the pharmacy. The woman was staring at him suspiciously as she couldn’t get clear look of the tall person’s face under the hood. “Welcome. May I help you?”

The man pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. “Please get me these.”

The pharmacist took the paper and read it from behind the stall. She glanced up to the man’s face. All she could get to see is his nose which made her think that the man must be pretty good-looking.

“Your girlfriend will die taking all of this.” She said as if knowing the whole scenario already. “You’d better take responsibility instead of making the poor girl end her life.”

“What? Uh oh, no. No, ma’am. You don’t understand the situation.”

“Oh yeah? What do I not understand about? That you bang your girlfriend until she ended up pregnant with your child, and now you’re trying to make her abort it because you two are still at school or probably you’re just planning to use her? Ehh?!” The woman was pissed off already at how many men in this world only toying with women to satisfy their lust.

“No! No! Don’t talk like I’m just the same as those guys out there!”

“Then why are you buying all of these abortifacients?!”

The boy was lost for words—opening and closing his mouth in silent until finally able to utter something. “My girlfriend—she was raped by someone!”

The woman was eyeing her in disbelief. “Then? Did you ask her to abort the baby?”

“No! No, but she insisted. She threatened me to kill herself if I didn’t get these!”

Getting no response from the pharmacist, the boy shook his head low and turned away, intended to go out from the store.


The boy froze in his place.

“I’ll give this to you.”

He hesitantly turned to face the woman once again.

“However, you hold your own responsibility of your action—and probably your lies.” He swallowed air as the woman stared at him hard.

“And remember, no matter how the child was conceived—you’ll be taking away a human’s life.”

The boy drew his trembling lips together then nodded weakly.




Kim Taehyung was the first man who treated him like a human being, an equal, a man, a friend.

Because they have the smallest age gap, people won’t see them as more than friends hanging out. Taehyung looks good in his casual outfit. He looked younger and more relaxed. Tensions and pressures from work were all gone.

They’re having dinner in the usual restaurant nearby and ordered hot pot. The ingredients were boiling and Taehyung looked impatient as he scooped them with his chopsticks with a happy face. “Let’s digging in!”

Jungkook nodded while holding his big glass of tea, letting the General starts eating ahead. Another thing that made Jungkook comfortable is that both of them didn’t like alcohol. They only ordered other beverages like tea.

The boy also noticed one thing. Taehyung really enjoy his breaks—lunch break, coffee break, and his days off. He’s full of appetite when he’s eating that Jungkook would get influenced too whenever eating with the man.

The boy smiled seeing the General filled his bowl while chewing the fish cakes in his mouth. “You eat a lot.”

“Hmmng?” Taehyung was a bit taken aback hearing that remark. He finished chewing and swallowing the food in his mouth before answering Jungkook ’s comment.

“Ah. I-I’m sorry. I’ll eat slower.” Face red from embarrassment; thinking that Jungkook must be disgusted at him.

“Yes! You should!” Jungkook put a serious expression then took his own chopstick. “…Because I don’t want you to eat my share too!” He was giggling and trying to take some food into his own bowl in hurry.

Taehyung laughed awkwardly. “I thought you were disgusted by me.”

“Disgusted? I’ll show you what disgust is.” Jungkook smirked. He shoved all the food in his bowl into his mouth; barely able to chew them all. After a few times chewing, he slurped the sauce with loud noises, attracting weird look from other people around them.


Jungkook put down his bowl; staring at Taehyung with full mouth, still chewing.

Taehyung was shocked, but it was not long until he started to giggle. And then, to Jungkook ’s surprise, Taehyung laughed out loud. It was the first time he saw the General like this.

“Ohmygod, Jungkook ! Hahahahahahaa! You-ahahahaaa!” He hid his face around his arms on the table, laughing until his voice went silent. Face red, feeling embarrassed on Jungkook ’s behalf and the laugh.

Jungkook smiled, showing his teeth before laughed as well.

Later on their walk home, they both talked about various things. Taehyung told Jungkook the days back when he was just a private like him. He went through hard time in the mountain on war. No food, no water. Taehyung has a principal to value his free time and his meals, thus lead him to such eating habit. He survived the hellish months, which was also the reason he was noticed by the leadership of military. His career grew fast after that, until he became a General by passing some more tests.




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